Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Am I Up to Now?

Good morning everyone!  It's Tuesday, May 17, 2011 and in Columbus, Ohio the rain is still coming down daily.  The temperature here went from in the mid-80's last week, down into the 40's this week.  Crazy Ohio weather.  Like they say around here, if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes.  LOL

Just a quick mention about a show this weekend in Columbus.  It is called Agora 8 and is at the Junctionview Studios.  You can see the website here.  They used to put the artwork on their website but for some reason are not doing that this year.  Anyway, I have one piece on the show and my husband has two.  You can see his work here.  This is the piece I have in the show.  I think I may have posted it before but you can see it again.  :)

The exciting news this week.  I'm taking a day off from my day job and heading down to Springfield, Ohio to the Clarke County Fairgrounds for the Extravaganza!  Yay!!  I love flea markets and this is one of the biggest ones I have ever been to and I think one of the biggest ones in Ohio.  Here is a link to their website.  I'm so looking forward to going.  I think we are going to go on Friday and then again with my daughter and her boyfriend on Saturday.  I can't wait to see what we find and I plan to get some pictures of our junky treasures and write another post to show you what you all missed.  LOL

© 2011 Julia Williams Art

The above five images are more from my 4"x4" collage series.  They are $25 each and come matted to 8"x8". 

Thanks for stopping by and stay dry if you live in the Midwest!  I'll be posting again soon about a fabulous artist who does art journaling and broadcasts live on Ustream.  Have a great day everyone!


  1. I just love your collages here!

  2. Love your collages, saw you were a follower of my blog so had to check out yours! thanks for following and fyi...Idaho weather sounds like Ohio!