Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Mess!!

I decided to be brave and show a few pictures of my studio.  When you are a collage/mixed media artist it takes a LOT of supplies and tends to get very very messy.  I try hard to keep it halfway in order, but when the creative juices are flowing things tend to get thrown everywhere and pushed aside and end of all over the place!  Here is picture #1....

This used to be just a box of miscellaneous papers and images and has grown and grown and is now a giant stack of papers and images.  HA!  You can't get rid of them though because you never know when you might need just that scrap or just that tiny image!  Anyone who does collage will totally understand.  :)

Picture #2...

This is the actual working space (I know, not very much room, but I'm only working on 4x4 collages at the moment so it's working out). 

And picture #3....a slightly larger view of the area.

The pictures look very blurry and i'm not sure why, they look great on my facebook page (  This is the area I do the work in.  I'm not brave enough to show the areas all around me.  Yes, it does get worse.  I really hope I'm not alone in having to have so much art stuff around me.  It keeps me inspired. 

That's all I have of the studio tour for now.  Take heart fellow artists, if you have  a messy space too, share with me!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Good for you sharing your studio space! That is a sure sign of a very creative mind! Also; thanks for following my Blog; it's led me to here and I love your collages! I'll be back! Best to you - Marilyn

  2. Thanks Marilyn! Either a very creative mind or very messy one! :)