Monday, March 1, 2010

New Work and Chit Chat

It's March 1 and Spring is just around the corner. I am so ready to see some sunshine! But on to more important things.......ART! I find I spend almost all my time when not at my day job down in the studio. I have been experimenting with some image transfers these past few days. I have only used one so far in a piece. Let me know what you think.

This is a 24 x 30 x 1 1/2, mixed media on canvas. The transfer image doesn't show up really well but I think you can tell where it is. I think it is pretty cool and will be working with more image transfers. This transfer was done with clear packing tape. I will be experimenting with transfers using a variety of things, including clear gesso, clear caulk, some transparency film, etc. I will post something about how each of these different techniques worked for me and how to do them.

A couple of other pieces have been hanging around the studio for quite a while and they finally told me what they needed to be finished.
This is another 30 x 24 x 1 1/2, mixed media on canvas. And the last one I finished up this weekend.

Also, 30 x 24 x 1 1/2, mixed media on canvas. I'm really happy with the way these turned out. This one is hanging in my entry way to my house right now....:)

On another note, I just realized that all the people I'm following (about 190) cannot see my blog if they click on me on their following page. I guess I have to go through every one i'm following one by one and re-set my profile to my Blogger profile. What a pain that is going to be. I was working on some of them and kept getting an error message. ??? I'll get them done slowly but surely.

Well off for now. Until next time.


  1. I like the second one, its got a feel to it.

    stephen Cobleigh

  2. Greetings Julia,

    I was going to comment on the art until I read about the Blogger problem you are having.

    If I understood you correctly, I would suggest that you create a Google profile and that you do not use the follow widget when you follow a blog. Rather copy the URL of the blog and head to your dashboard and manually insert the URL after clicking on 'add' to 'blogs I am following.
    Afterwards you will undergo one more step to make sure it appears on your blog roll on the sidebar.

    I know these are a lot of steps, but I have been doing this ever since I discovered that no one could get back to me when they clicked on my profile in the follow widget. Now that I redid everything, i have no more problems.

    A chore but worth it.

    Feel free to ask me anything.

    Warmest regards,

  3. I forgot to mention that you may wish to create another blog just to handle all your links.

    In January I created The DIRECTORY where I have all my links and blog roll in order to free up my sidebar, as I currently have 170 followers, but on my drive a collection of over 2000 links.

    Something to contemplate.


  4. Hi once again this evening,

    I feel like I am turning up like a bad penny, but I just noticed that Blogger has added to their menu on the very top 'follow'. I just tried it and it works as if adding manually the instructions I just previously gave you.

    However before following anyone, do change your profile to a Google profile. You may have seen avatars with a letter 'G' in the lower right hand corner, those are Google profiles and they over ride Blogger profiles.

  5. Lovely work, Julia! - Martha aka @colorpoetry

  6. Hello Julia, I love the transparency in your layers. Beautiful color too.