Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who Am I?

Well, this is my first blog post and sometimes I feel like I'm way behind the times. I'm not the best writer but I'm doing this because I follow a lot of blogs and enjoy connecting with people and watching as they create their art and I hope you will enjoy following my artistic life as well. I am a visual artist creating contemporary modern abstract acrylic paintings and also some mixed media and collage work.

My plan as I go along is to post some step by step posts of my creative process, some posts about my studio, my dog, Gizmo, some techniques I have learned and some other fun day to day stuff. I really am looking forward to making some new friends with this blogging format. I hope you enjoy following me!

Above are some pictures of some recent work. Please feel free to comment!!!


  1. hi Julia

    i am so glad you decided to blog your work ... there are people out there (he puts up his hand) who are genuinely interested in your art practice ... i believe these blogs are invisibly (for the time-being) changing the face of art culture - internationally ... artists of every conceivable background are able to share their work, encourage each other and learn from each other - all outside the gallery system, critical review industry, and art colleges ... boy, when they wake up one day and realise the horse has bolted

    anyway, really look forward to learning how you produce these wonderful abstracts ... ciao, h

  2. Julia, I found people to be interested how I got to the end result of my paintings -they say it means much more to them if they see (in images of words)the process!
    Hope I thanked you already for the follow!